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Caned Most Severely
Duration: 32:19

Miss Hardcastle was going to make Finnegan very, very sorry indeed. Slapping his legs with a ruler she was preparing him for something rather nasty. He hadn’t finished his lines “I’m a very naughty boy and must be caned most severely”. After a few modest swats with the ruler he was already struggling and his breathing became heavy when she spanked him. Totally unsympathetic she laid into him with her punishment plimsoll which made him scream and cry. When she found ladies panties in his satchel she took the tawse to his ‘grubby’ hands then took him to the gym where he got a real spanking over her knee. Up on the spanking bench she spanked and paddled him. Strapped down she lashed him with the tawse, making him whimper pathetically before taking two canes to him. The last stroke was a scorcher.

It's All Just A Joke
Duration: 8:31

Miss Hardcastle was taking a music lesson but her pupil was not so passionate about the subject as her. She tried to explain, patiently and at length, the principles and notation of music for the recorder but he just made an appalling racket. Which didn’t improve and she was getting fed up with his performance. “I’ve had enough of this” she snapped, taking his instrument, “you just make a joke of everything” then bent him over the rail. He had to tap a rhythm on the tambourine while she spanked his bare bottom. “Stick it out” she demanded and slashed a leather paddle across his bottom hard. She found a heavier paddle. You can tell it hurts more from his reactions and it even sounds sorer. “Maybe you’ll take it seriously in future” she snarled as she left the music room.

Gluttony Is A Sin
Duration: 7:19

Stephanie Hardcastle’s two lodgers were both frantically eating chocolates before she came home. It was cold and she was not in the best of moods so, when she found out that they had finished the whole box of HER chocolates she wasn’t very pleased at all. To add insult to injury they expected her to cook them a meal. “Gluttony is a sin” she announced as she put the greedy girl over her knee and spanked her glorious pert bottom firmly on her flimsy sheer panties.. The make of chocolates was very appropriate as she turned the girl’s bottom red. “Roses grow on you” said Stephanie. He had to get his backside spanked now, pausing only to lower his jeans. Stephanie told him firmly that he’d better get to the shops in time to buy more. She takes her chocolates very seriously.

Squirming But Unbroken
Duration: 12:15

A big, idle girl was Taylor and she had too much ‘attitude’ for the Headmistress. Head tossing, eye rolling and, most annoying of all, shrugging instead of giving a response. “Are you going to stop?” asked Miss Hastings-Gore, prompting another dismissive shrug. She just didn’t know when to stop. Skirt up she got a good spanking over the Head’s desk but wilfully defied her. Not to let a pupil get the better of her Miss Hastings-Gore launched into a long and painful punishment session. Bare bottom spanking didn’t work, nor did the leather paddle that has brought many miscreants to their senses. A black, heavy plimsoll had the girl squirming but unbroken and still shrugging. Out came the cane. Over her skirt, over her knickers and on her big fat, idle bottom. Hard. Miss left her rubbing her stripes. She shrugged.

Incentive Strapping For The Salesman
Duration: 9:14

“Have you got 5 minutes?” asked Slater as he entered his boss’s office. His boss who was a very elegant, well dressed, no-nonsense lady. “Stand there” she commanded and proceeded to criticise him for failing to make his sales targets and not putting in the hours. Both their bonuses were on the line and she would take most of the criticism. He seemed cock-sure it would be all right but she wasn’t getting him the sales leads. Complaining didn’t help her humour. “I’m going to make sure you are scared not to meet your targets” she said, firmly and produced a studded leather strap. It was that or his job so he had to take a serious forehand and backhand strapping, berated between every stroke and it was clearly getting through. “I think we’ll have a review after the next set of figures” she threatened.

Belted For Waking Her Up
Duration: 6:27

Lady Havergill was having a lie-in so her spouse was making himself breakfast before she could object. Rather noisily, unfortunately. She came down in a mood and unimpressed at his witty remarks, the novelty apron he was wearing nor the fact he hadn’t made her a cup of tea. She’d hoped to have more sleep and get up in a really good mood. Yeah, right! He threw the apron in the corner but was now in trouble. She bent him over the sink and fetched a wooden spoon which, over pyjamas, made him jump a bit. A good spanking then more with the wooden spoon, harder and on the bare. Not done yet she took a heavy white leather belt to him for backchat. All this beating had raised her spirits so he got a welter of savage swipes, then a final six. Then he had to make her tea.

Obsessed With Punishment
Duration: 10:51

Ruby and Donald were sent to wait for the Headmistress to discipline them. They decided she was ‘all about punishment, obsessed with it’ in fact. In she came looking serious. At least they remembered to stand. She firmly reminded them that this was not detention but a punishment session. Donald was being flippant about his six times table so she decided to explain 6, a half dozen, with strokes across his bottom. Bare bottomed he had to bend over Ruby’s desk for six with the paddle, then six swings of the tawse. They had to change places then for Ruby to be paddled on her pert rear, then six with the tawse. Next she was over the caning stool, provocatively wiggling while Miss delivered six with the cane on her “cheeky little bottom”. Donald got his six on the bare before Miss was done.

Lazy Partner gets It
Duration: 5:27

Stephanie had gone to the gym first thing, leaving her idle partner to tidy up and hang the washing out. When she returned he was sitting in a very untidy kitchen, reading the Racing Post and eating a yoghurt. It was the last straw when she cleared all the dishes from the table and he handed her his mug. She sat on a kitchen chair and spanked his behind hard then bent him over the table for a good dose of her gymshoe. “Take your belt off” she snapped and cracked it venomously across his arse time and time and time again. Pants down it was back over her knee. “Was that MY yoghurt?” she snarled and then really spanked him before going to lie down, demanding he tidy up, hang the washing and make her a cup of tea.

Are You Grinning?
Duration: 11:50

Miss Hastings caught Ruby and her boyfriend chatting, giggling and looking ‘gooey-eyed’ at one another in detention. Since Ruby joined the class his test marks had halved. They found the whole thing amusing so Ruby was straight over her desk, skirt up. When Miss noticed the grin on his face she made Ruby stretch across the teacher’s desk and get a good spanking on her skimpy, scanty panties in front of her boyfriend. What a silly grin that gave him! “Phwooof!” was all he could say, relishing Ruby’s bottom paddled and belted. Then it was his turn. Miss made Ruby bare his bottom and bend over Ruby’s own desk while Miss watched her spank him before putting him over the teacher’s desk, just like his girlfriend, for a good spanking, paddling and belting. His grin diminished with every crack of the belt. Back to boring detention then.

Local Justice
Duration: 4:14

In a small community minor offences are often dealt with by their own so when this reprobate’s Aunty Barbara told her dear friend Police Sergeant Hardcastle how disrespectful the lad had been she soon found him and pulled him in to be ‘interviewed’. That involved having his jeans and underpants pulled down for a spanking from the best in the County Force. He made quite a fuss and complained it was stinging. “I’ll show you stinging” she replied, bent him over the office desk and laid into his big bare arse with a whippy cane, applied vigorously. How he howled with every agonising stroke of that rod and each lash was getting harder. She would hand him over to Aunty Barbara for another sound beating. Aunty would hold his hand so he couldn’t run away no matter how much he roared and stamped his little feet.

Harsh, Severe, Sadistic
Duration: 20:13

HARSH. SEVERE. SADISTIC. FUN. This session was all of these. She had him over the horse to warm his backside with her hard, experienced hand before tanning him with paddles of increasing severity, never forgetting to spank the back of his thighs. Clearly enjoying herself she allows herself some asides to the camera and her joyful smile seems at odds with the agony her hands are dispensing to his bottom. Sucking air through his teeth he held on tight. Straps and tawses cracked terrifyingly on his arse and the heavy plimsoll (her very, very favourite plimsoll) took his breath away. Buttocks now a painful-looking purple she decided they needed some stripes. Boy, did he get a caning. Flat on the horse she lashed him, pleased with herself and her handiwork. Asked if she was ever called a bitch she admitted “several times a day” but with a radiant smile.

Just A Bit Of Fun
Duration: 10:28

Stephanie returned from work to find her partner on the sofa on his phone. She opened the mail to find a monthly bill for £128 for his phone, took it and checked its history. It comprised mainly porn sites. “Just a bit of fun” he claimed. Found frequent visits to “The Punishment Club” and noted it was blokes being belted and whipped by ladies. “You’ve got a belt on” she said, demanding it. She made him bend over and spanked and slippered him then took down his trousers and bared his arse. “Do I do it as well as her on the Punishment Club?” she asked “I’ll have to practice.” Took the carpet beater to him then really spanked him. Confiscated all his money but he tried to keep some so he got another furious spanking. “Just a laugh” he said. “Am I laughing?” she snapped.

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